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Violent Soho



Violent Soho have about as much in common with cult leader David Koresh as an echidna does with a banana, but their hugely anticipated new album Waco named for the small Texas city that was the site of the Koresh-led Branch Davidian siege with the FBI in 1993 is similarly dismissive as federal agents were of the idea of restrained response.

The brand-stonking-new array of crashing grunge riffs and revelatory singalong anthems the type that, after one listen, feel like you've been listening to for years are just the sort we've come to expect from Violent Soho. Waco is an album that blows any and all expectation out of the water, making for a fitting companion-piece to their breakthrough 2013 album, Hungry Ghost, which introduced a screamed HELL FUCK YEAH! into common, everyday Australian parlance.


  1. How To Taste
  2. Blanket
  3. Viceroy
  4. So Sentimental
  5. Like Soda
  6. No Shade
  7. Slow Wave
  8. Evergreen
  9. Holy Cave
  10. Waco
  11. Low